You Have A Voice

Efforts to revitalize portions of the 305-acre Ka‘anapali Golf Courses property owned by ERS will not happen overnight.  It is a multi-year process involving acquisition of various land use entitlements and permits and continued outreach to ensure your voices will been heard.  Regarding the latter, here are just some of the comments we’ve received and are taking to heart:

  • Affordable housing for our local families must be priority.
  • Providing workforce housing for people who live and work in West Maui is one way to help alleviate traffic congestion.
  • There is a significant need for beach parking, especially when events are held at Hanakaoo Beach Park.
  • Any development must take into account West Maui’s infrastructure challenges – sewage, roads, and other utilities, just to name a few.

To share your thoughts on this project, please contact us
We welcome your input.