The State of Hawai‘i Employees’ Retirement System (ERS) is currently working to revitalize portions of their 305-acre Ka‘anapali Golf Courses property in West Maui. We're pleased to share our latest updates.


Ownership of the Ka‘anapali property came to the ERS in 2003 as the result of a foreclosure action.  Since its development in the 1960s, these golf courses have served as the centerpiece of the Ka‘anapali Beach Resort area, offering generations of visitors and locals the opportunity to play on two championship golf courses and enjoy other amenities.  Unfortunately, today these same amenities are aging and its golf courses are utilized by less and less people than in years past.  It is this reality that ERS is trying to address by proposing to revitalize its Ka‘anapali properties with golf course modernization and the addition of a mixture of residential and commercial features.

During this revitalization process, the ERS is committed to working with the community to create a master plan that:
-       maintains the beauty and character of the Ka‘anapali area
-       is sensitive to the island’s host culture
-       creates long-term stability and economic strength
-       provides value for local residents in the form of affordable housing, sustained employment, and other community benefits

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